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Heritage Skills Initiative


North of England Civic Trust (NECT) are active in conservation and regeneration across the North East of England, North Yorkshire and Cumbria.The project sought to link up those providing training in traditional heritage building skills with those who need the training. It provides a network of those working in the field but seeking to up skill, those who have skills that they seek to pass on and those wishing to enter the field, and will provide a body of people to whom formal and informal training can then be offered. The programme aims to address the whole supply chain of traditional building skills, from professionals specifying work, to specialist trades and heritage managers.


The grant was to assist with all elements of the delivery of the programme over a three year period.

Sample of the 2010 Activities

Blacksmithing —Learning how to make coat hooks on a one day course.


Lime Pointing —Introduction to lime day looking at the lime cycle, lime mixes and lime pointing.

Stone Walling —An opportunity to learn the principles of stone walling, creating a stable wall with no running joints.              




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